As a company, KLT has the tools, people and confidence to meet or exceed the most rigorous specifications required by our customers. Our products are currently enjoying a growing market share globally, and we are committed to firmly establishing KLT as the standard of quality worldwide.

KLT Carbide

KLT Carbide Co. Ltd., was founded in 1988 and specializes in the manufacture of cemented carbides, hard-facing materials and special powders.  We continually research and develop new products and materials using advanced equipment incorporating the latest technologies.

Our typical products include mechanical seal sets & rings, nozzles, sleeves, drill bits, mining bits, valves, balls, seals, finished machined products, etc.  One of our primary prducts, mechanical seal rings, dominates the domestic market in China.  Our products are used in the petrochemical, medical, food and environmental protection industries with an excellent reputation domestically and globally.

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